How to use TheWorldServers Control Panel?

  your TWS Control Panel is already in your Client Portal , in order to access it all you have todo is :-

1) login into client portal i.e.

2) once logged in you can see Account Overview , under that click on "VIEW" tab of "Number of Products/Services"

3) On this page you can see all your servers listed , anyones control panel you want to access, you need to click on "View Details" .

4) Once you clicked on view details , you will be able to see control panel of that particular VM , you will be able to see graphs ,usage and you can click on "Operate VM" , that will give you options to "Shutdown, Restart, Start Server"( you can perform either of those operations  or on the right hand side you can click on "Console" to have VNC/Root access of the server.

Let us know if there is any issues with TheWorldServers Control Panel.

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